God has the answer to all the nagging questions and problems of life. We are none of us exempt from the problems life sometimes throws at us. Our Turning Point service is designed to meet our needs when we find ourselves with more questions than answers, and we are bewildered as to what to do, or which way to turn for a solution. At the Turning Point Service, we lift up our eyes to God (Ps 121:1), and he does respond in ways that we could never imagine, and in any case, far exceed our expectations (often as if we dream, (Psalm 126:1)

Awesome miracles are brought about through the hand of God's Servant, Prophet Ernest Quanin in these services. Many have testified of how the Lord turned their lives around at the Turning Point Service. These testimonies include the birth of babies when doctors had declared such impossible, the disappearance of fibroids, the lame walking, the blind seeing, financial blessings, and job breakthroughs!

The Turning Point is at Good Shepherd Cathedral on Thursdays from 9:00am-1:00pm.

Anointing Service                          - Every first Thursday of the month

Handing Over To The Lord Service - Every last Thursday of the month

For more information please call:

 +233 243 260 406

See you at the Turning Point Service this Thursday!